Harper and Keele Veterinary School

18 Keele University Veterinary School Hub Vet students will have access to the CVS Group’s new veterinary facilities on the Keele site, opening in autumn 2020. This includes a veterinary hospital, a clinical skills centre and Vet School hub facilities. The clinical skills centre will be used by veterinary staff and students. The new veterinary hospital will also be one of the placement providers for veterinary students, who undertake clinical placements as part of their training. Central Science Laboratory (CSL) This state-of-the-art building provides a student focused learning environment designed to offer new ways to learn and collaborate. This £34m investment, opening in 2019, will contain ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ labs as well as IT labs. The new facilities enable students to undertake pre-laboratory preparation so they are familiar with the theoretical concepts and practical techniques before completing experiments in the laboratory so they can maximise their learning capacity. Keele School of Medicine Students of the Vet School will gain access to facilities within the highly regarded School of Medicine. This includes state-of-the-art anatomy facilities, lecture theatre and seminar rooms, an enhanced IT suite, resource room and multi-user laboratories. Research at Keele Keele is helping to change the world for the better by engaging in cutting- edge research. 3