Harper and Keele Veterinary School

24 Live at one university but enjoy the social life of two Accommodation Both institutions have a wide range of accommodation types. Costs will be comparable across each institution with similar access to the extended accommodation offer necessary for vet students to complete their studies. Keele Accommodation www.keele.ac.uk/discover/ accommodation/ Harper Adams Accommodation www.harper-adams.ac.uk/university- life/accommodation/ Student Union membership Student Unions play a key role in helping students get the advice, support and representation they need to get the most out of university life. Harper and Keele Vet Students will be able to access both Student Unions and their social functions. Keele SU www.keelesu.com Harper Adams SU www.harpersu.com Clubs and Societies Both universities have thriving sports clubs and societies and there are extensive opportunities to get involved with other social activities. Student well-being and learner support Students of the Harper and Keele Vet School will be supported by dedicated personal tutors and also be able to access the student and learner support services at their home institution, for which each university is highly regarded. 6