Harper and Keele Veterinary School

Extensive use is made of the farm and companion animals on site at Harper Adams as well as state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and clinical skills rooms at both Harper and Keele Small group teaching facilitates the development of confidence in practical skills The curriculum will incorporate case studies from early in the first year In the final 2 clinical years of the programme, vets from referral centres provide keynote lectures, tutorials and practical classes, based on their current and ongoing experience in practice providing our students with real world experience and knowledge for their future careers Clinical teaching takes place not only in a hospital setting with the unusual or difficult cases, but also in practices where management of the everyday case is the primary focus 4 How will the course be structured? This new undergraduate degree in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVetMS) provides the opportunity for a new and exciting curriculum, the core requirements of which are prescribed by the RCVS. The clinical training will follow a distributed model of delivery and a range of approved third party veterinary practices have agreed to provide clinical placements. As is the norm with Veterinary Schools, the teaching week is intensive for the students, who can expect around 28 hours per week of contact time. Students also need to complete extra-mural studies gaining hands- on practical experience, and so the total study year ranges from 35-45 weeks a year across the five year programme. Due to the vocational nature and focus of the students, all modules have been created for the programme and are exclusive to it: