Harper and Keele Veterinary School

6 How will the teaching be delivered? Students will be equally split between home sites, with lectures simultaneously live-streamed to the other site. Students spend full days on either campus, mostly at their 'home' site, with travel days to the other site limited to the need to access specialist facilities, typically in the region of four days a month. The final year will be mostly spent on clinical rotations, with individual days or weeks back at the home site for tutorials. Extra-mural studies (EMS) are taken throughout the veterinary degree and help to prepare students for life in the clinical environment. They are an essential part of veterinary education and are student led. EMS can take place anywhere in the country, whereas final year university controlled clinical rotations will predominantly take place within easy travelling distance from either home site. Harper Adams University and Keele University are 23 miles and 50 minutes apart by road. A shuttle bus service is provided for Vet School students allowing them to travel free of charge and safely between the two institutions in order to access time- tabled classes.