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Will I get my first choice of university?

You will be able to select your preferred ‘home’ campus as part of the UCAS application. Preferences will be taken into account when offers are made but cannot be guaranteed.

Will lectures take place on both campuses?

Yes, lectures and practicals will be delivered at both campuses, sometimes to the whole student group and other lectures will be delivered on one and simultaneously streamed to the other campus. You will spend most of your time on your home campus.

Do I get a degree from both Universities?

There will be a single, jointly awarded degree, conferred within a bespoke set of assessment regulations approved by the two universities.

Where will I graduate from?

You graduate from the Harper and Keele Veterinary School.


Is the degree RCVS accredited?

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) quality assures UK veterinary degrees to make sure that new veterinary surgeons are fit to practise on graduation, and join the RCVS Register. Only those individuals registered with the RCVS can call themselves veterinary surgeons and, with a few exceptions, practise veterinary surgery in the UK.

Keele University, Harper Adams University and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons are working together to ensure that the new degree meets RCVS requirements and that graduates will be eligible for registration. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, veterinary degrees must have a “recognition order” from the Privy Council before graduates can automatically be eligible for registration with the RCVS.

The Privy Council will take advice from the RCVS on this. The process takes a number of years as full approval cannot be considered until after the RCVS undertakes a formal inspection of the full course and its standards in 2025 when the first cohort of students will have completed their degrees.

All being well, the Privy Council would at that stage grant a recognition order to Harper Adams and Keele universities. Until that time, we are liaising with the RCVS to ensure that the curriculum, as it develops, meets RCVS criteria for approval. The Veterinary Surgeons Act includes a provision to help ensure that those completing their final exams in an as-yet-unapproved degree may still be allowed to register, in that the Privy Council may invite the RCVS to set examinations for any students attending a non-approved UK veterinary degree course, or alternatively appoint RCVS External Examiners to oversee the standard of the final year examinations. Students who pass the RCVS-controlled examinations would then be able to register with the RCVS and practise as veterinary surgeons in the UK, regardless of the outcome of the degree’s accreditation process. This is in line with the arrangements for any new veterinary degree programmes.

Which open day should I go to and can I go to more than one?

We invite you to visit both campuses, but be led by the one you think you would prefer as your home base. See more on the events page.

Which University do I apply to?

You apply to the vet school directly through UCAS, using school code H25 and course code D100.

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